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Now Open inside of Stout Brothers Woodstock!

We offer a rotating menu of small plates to realize our motto:

"Beer goes with Food, Food goes with Beer."  The menu will change with the seasons and with the whims of the Brothers Wilmot.  If you have specific allergies or preferences, please feel free to call or text 770.715.8591 and leave a message.  Alternately, just ask our Chef when you are on site.  

Our Current Menu

Shorty's Deviled Eggs (v, gf)

Duke's, Yellow Mustard, D&D Pickles


Named for our Maternal Grandmother Winefred "Shorty" Pike nee Turbeville.  This is her recipe for the eggs topped with delicious pickles from D&D Products.

Red Wine Beef Stew (gf)

Potatoes, Carrots, Onions


Rich and decadent.  Made with Elouan Pinot Noir (on tap at Woodstock Beer Market!).  Perfect for the chilly weather.  

Chef's Cheese and Charcuterie


Two meats and two cheeses, seasonal accoutrements, lavash


A perfect starter, easily large enough to share.  Our current offerings include Capicola, Prosciutto, Port Wine Derby and a Winsleydale with ginger and mango.

Meatballs and Polenta (gf)

Beef meatballs, marinara, polenta, parmesan, basil


Handmade meatballs in a handmade marinara over cheesy and rich polenta.  Topped with parmesan and fresh basil.  This is about the most comforting thing we can think of aside from a hug from your Italian grandmother.

Thai Green Curry (gf)

Chicken, Coconut Milk, Chiles, Veggies, Rice, Cilantro, Basil


Roasted chiken breast, veggies and rice served in a warm coconut milk based broth with just a bit of spice.  Finished with fresh herbs for aromatics and lifting the flavor.  Fresh, yet still warm and comforting.

Beer Braised Pork Shoulder

Pulled Pork Shoulder, Collard Greens, White Bread, Barbeque Sauce on the side


Something that we have been doing in our family for years: instead of smoking our shoulder, we cook it low and slow in beer!  This yields a tasty and tender pulled pork that I will put against any smoked shoulder.  As it's cooked with moisture the entire time there is little chance for it to dry out.  You almost don't need the sauce!

Pokemon! (v)

Soy marinated egg, bok choy, edamame, wood ear mushrooms, carrot, radish, pickled ginger, scallion, sesame, rice


*Contains no actual pokemon, sorry.


Warm rice topped with a bunch of vegetables and a soy marinated egg.  Filling, nutritious and more importantly, delicious.

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